[Snort-openappid] snort-2.9.12 bug report

Costas Kleopa (ckleopa) ckleopa at cisco.com
Sun Oct 14 09:36:58 EDT 2018

Thank you for your report. We will add this fix in our roadmap.


On Oct 14, 2018, at 5:14 AM, David Binderman <dcb314 at hotmail.com<mailto:dcb314 at hotmail.com>> wrote:

Hello there,

snort-2.9.12/src/dynamic-preprocessors/appid/appId_ss.c:205]: (style) Suspicious condition (assignment + comparison); Clarify expression with parentheses.

Source code is

        if ((rval = ConsumeAppIdSSMsg(msg_header->type, msg + offset, msg_header->data_length) != 0))

Maybe better code

        if ((rval = ConsumeAppIdSSMsg(msg_header->type, msg + offset, msg_header->data_length)) != 0)


David Binderman

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