[Snort-openappid] Using Snort on pfsense

Cory Juillerat cjuillerat at ztlsd.org
Fri Apr 20 14:27:13 EDT 2018

Thanks Y M,

That is actually the video I watched go setup Snort or pfsense, which was
an awesome video. I remember seeing things come in like netflix. Since I
have a pretty large network, I am wondering if pfsense int capturing
everyone's request via Snort.... for example, I visited netflix on my
computer and searched for my IP address on the alerts page and saw my
request. But the next thing I did was visit Facebook and nothing showed up
when viewing alerts and searching for my IP address.

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> Cory,
> The AppID detectors are open-source and are available on the Snort
> website. So I don't think the subscription is at play here. In an earlier
> thread, I posted a link to a YouTube video for configuring AppID on
> pfsense. The presenter showed that AppID is picking up Netflix, among other
> apps. Here is the link for the video https://youtu.be/-GgqYq5-EBg
> Hope this helps.
> YM
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> Good afternoon,
> I decided to recently try Snort mainly for the App ID capability.. I work
> at a school so students are always using social networking apps and
> streaming media apps. I created the WAN interface and started the Snort
> process on this interface. I am using the predefined balanced IPS policy
> and I also placed a check in all of the check boxes underneath Snort
> OPENAPPI Rules and Ruleset: ET Open Rules.
> Now onto the issue I am having.. When I go to the alerts tab, most of what
> I see is Chrome and http traffic underneath description. There are no
> social networking or streaming services populating, even though I know
> people are using them. Does the free subscription just not have the most up
> to date App ID's, so nothing is coming up?
> Thank you,
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