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The AppID detectors are open-source and are available on the Snort website. So I don't think the subscription is at play here. In an earlier thread, I posted a link to a YouTube video for configuring AppID on pfsense. The presenter showed that AppID is picking up Netflix, among other apps. Here is the link for the video https://youtu.be/-GgqYq5-EBg

Hope this helps.


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Good afternoon,

I decided to recently try Snort mainly for the App ID capability.. I work at a school so students are always using social networking apps and streaming media apps. I created the WAN interface and started the Snort process on this interface. I am using the predefined balanced IPS policy and I also placed a check in all of the check boxes underneath Snort OPENAPPI Rules and Ruleset: ET Open Rules.

Now onto the issue I am having.. When I go to the alerts tab, most of what I see is Chrome and http traffic underneath description. There are no social networking or streaming services populating, even though I know people are using them. Does the free subscription just not have the most up to date App ID's, so nothing is coming up?

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