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Good afternoon.
All right ?

I am a student at the Federal Institute of Sergipe Lagarto - Sergipe Brazil.

201217310278 - TRANSFERED
Bachelor of Information Systems - Night (Lagarto)

I'd like help accessing my Snort account.
Always when trying the login informs that the Token is invalid.

Please help me. Because I am doing my final project of the Information
System course and I am using Snort 2.9.9 the rules that are essential.

Since then, thank you very much and stay with God. My advisor if you
have doubts. Follow CNPQ: http://lattes.cnpq.br/2244198352280617

Bibliographical Reference of my Teacher:

In this paper we present the results obtained by MATOS, Rubens,
Rubens, MATOS, MATOS, RS, MATOS JÚNIOR, RS, Matos, RDS, Matos, Rubens
de S., Matos, Rubens. Matos, Rubens


Email: rubens.matos at gmail.com
           rubens.junior at ifs.edu.br

Sorry for any abuse.
Stay with God !

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