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Can you send us a pcap for this also?

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The attached detectors are for the client/server communication of Cloud Station - Synology's syncing client. The client detector is working as expected and each individual detection has been verified. However, I am having a hard time getting the server detector to work.

The sync handshake (TCP, port 6690 by default) fields sent by the client/server are clear (something like <field>|10 00 [1byte]|<value>) and the offsets seem to be consistent, at least among the models being tested. I would appreciate it if someone can take a look at these and tell what I am doing wrong. Going the route of using the flowTrackerModule, and defining SeriveAppID, AppID, something similar to the existing detectors (client_BitTorrent.lua and client_BitTorrent_Sync.lua) did not succeed either since (I guess) the ServiceID and AppID are/should be dynamically generated by OpenAppID.

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