[Snort-openappid] SSL app detection with snort open-appid version using reassembled packets

Patrick Yip ppatrickyip at ...8...
Thu Apr 14 01:46:40 EDT 2016

I am using open-appid in snort version to detect https connections.
A lot of times, open-appid was not able to detect the app because the
serverHello packet arrived out of order. Attached is a pcap file when the
serverHello packet was received out of order.

I saw there are

in src/dynamic-preprocessors/appid/fw_appid.c to switch the code to use
REASSEMBLED packets from the stream preprocessor.

in fw_appid.c seems to make the SSL appid detection work better.

Are there any problems or side effects with the APPID_USES_REASSEMBLED flag
enabled? Since this flag is not enbaled in the snort source code,
is this a supported feature?

Also, the code switch using

has disppeared in fw_appid.c with snort version 2.9.8.x. Does snort 2.9.8.x
support using stream preprocesor reassembled packets for appid?

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