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Everything has a performance penalty.   It may be big or small.  But I don't think a feature that you want to use should be discarded because it may have a performance penalty.

Openappid can indeed do those things, auto detect protocols, etc, and you should give it a shot.  Don't be discouraged because something may have a penalty.

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On Nov 6, 2015, at 5:51 AM, Carlos Rodriguez Hernandez <crodriguezh.ext at ...39...109...<mailto:crodriguezh.ext at ...109...>> wrote:

Hello everyone,

So at this moment enabling AppID allows you to identify the traffic and apply specific "ad hoc" rules but doesn't:

1) Enable you to reduce the number of security rules based on specific traffic profile (say use http rules only when traffic is detected as http) NOR
2) Reduce or eliminate the need to use portvars as to enable a specific preprocessor or rule to trigger outside the "typicall" ports

Is this right?

I was thinking into creating a set of OpenAppID rules to detect the operating system and use that information to feed the Snort Inventory data (applied to things like normalization) but as you note, enabling AppID of course has a performance penalty, but I expected it to in contrast improve the rules efficency and reduce the false positives :disappointed:
Either way, a path to investigate.

Thanks, Carlos

Carlos Rodr?guez Hern?ndez
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