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Hi Edison
You do not have to update the appMapping.data manually. Using the API, and a detector ID will be created automatically on your behalf. The API documentation can be found here:https://www.snort.org/downloads/openappid/1794.
The basic idea is that you use the API to generate the AppId for you, and then depending on what you are attempting to detect (HTTP, TCP, etc..), you use the respective API calls. 
Search Snort's blog for openappid, there will be a couple of presentations and videos. These were helpful in my case:
Hope this helps.YM

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Subject: [Snort-openappid] New Detectors

Hello,How can I get help to contribute with new detections?After creating a new detector , how to update the appMapping.data?Is there a document that I can study?Thank youEdison

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