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Thank you for your contribution! It would be great if you can also provide us the respective pcaps, especially the ones from the client’s traffic, if you would like these to be included as some of the new detectors of our Open Source Package.

From what we saw below, there were some issues which we added comments below: [ck]


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Since I did not find the BlueStacks app detector within the OpenAppID package, here is the code for the same detector (client_Bluestacks.lua). Any feedback (including rants :)) are welcome. Pcap can be provided if required.

detection_name: BlueStacks
version: 1
description: Detector for BlueStacks (Android Emulator/App Player) application network traffic.
metadata: OpenAppID community

require "DetectorCommon"
local DC = DetectorCommon

gDetector = nil

DetectorPackageInfo = {
    name = 'BlueStacks',
    proto = DC.ipproto.tcp,
    client = {
        init = 'DetectorInit',
        validate = 'DetectorValidate',
        clean = 'DetectorClean',
        minimum_matches = 1

function DetectorInit(detectorInstance)
    gDetector = detectorInstance;

    gAppId = gDetector:open_createApp('bluestacks');

    if gDetector.open_addUrlPattern then
        -- An attempt to differentiate BlueStacks stages

[ck] You seem to be creating an array of a pattern list there for adding sub-classifications for blue stacks.
We should probably have the generic bluestacks.com<http://bluestacks.com> URL there also:

            gDetector:open_addUrlPattern(0, 0, gAppId, "bluestacks.com<http://cdn.bluestacks.com/>", "/", "http:”),

    gAppId = gDetector:open_createApp('bluestacks');

[ck] Not needed since you’re calling the API function below to add the following patterns.
--        gUrlPatternList = {

[ck] If you wanted new Applications for these, then we will need to have a different gAppId value defined there:

    gAppId = gDetector:open_createApp('bluestacks_update');
            -- BlueStacks Update
            gDetector:open_addUrlPattern(0, 0, gAppId, "cdn.bluestacks.com<http://cdn.bluestacks.com/>", "/updates/", "http:”),
[ck] added
    gAppId = gDetector:open_createApp('bluestacks_download');
            -- BlueStacks Download components
            gDetector:open_addUrlPattern(0, 0, gAppId, "cdn.bluestacks.com<http://cdn.bluestacks.com/>", "/downloads/", "http:”),
[ck] added
    gAppId = gDetector:open_createApp('bluestacks_apps');

            -- BlueStacks Apps
            gDetector:open_addUrlPattern(0, 0, gAppId, "opasanet.appspot.com<http://opasanet.appspot.com/>", "/op/", "http:”)

[ck] removed array list.
--        }

    if gDetector.open_addHttpPattern then
        gDetector:open_addHttpPattern(2, 5, 0, gAppId, 0, 'BlueStacks’);

[ck] this below is not needed since the one above is covering for it.

--        gDetector:open_addHttpPattern(2, 5, 0, gAppId, 0, "BlueStacks/");

[ck] This for loop below is not needed since you have added these patterns already in the addURLPattern call above.
    if gDetector.open_addUrlPattern then
         for i,v in ipairs(gUrlPatternList) do
[ck] — end remove.

    return gDetector;

function DetectorValidator()
    local context = {}
    return clientFail(context)

function DetectorFini()

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