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No we currently do not have such a list available.

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Hi Albert,Costas

Thanks for your reply.
So I understand that this is very much application specific. For the list of app ids currently supported by Snort OpenAppID, is there a list /taxonomy of what protocols are vulnerable to midstream or such pathological but real conditions [ missed , out of order ? ]  and which are the ones currently immune

warm regards

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                If the part of what is used to identify the traffic is dropped/missing/intercepted then the application will not be correctly identified all the time. Mid-stream pickup is one of those things where it depends on what needs to be seen before a determination can be made on the type of traffic.

So while “missing” traffic from some applications may not affect detection others depend on entire sessions (or at least most of it) to correctly identify applications.

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Hi  all

Since I did not receive any reply ... wanted to know whether I ought to be checking on some other snort mailing list.
The question of course is for midstream analysis specific to open appid ...


On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 7:57 PM, sripaduka R <padukaietf at ...8...<mailto:padukaietf at ...8...>> wrote:
Hi all

Is there any experience with the analysis/open appid based detection of traffic
based on traffic intercepted mid stream [ as in the first few packets of the stream are dropped prior to reception to snort ] - will the open appid framework be able to figure out the flow & concerned app.

What is the probability of a false positive or a false negative in such a scenario


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