[Snort-openappid] Failed to add hash

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Can you get us a pcap for the one that causes the error on the "Failed to add to hash”

Regarding the other issues, with the getShortHostFormat and the missing appid, we were aware of them and we will be posting them in a future release.


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Subject: [Snort-openappid] Failed to add hash

Running Snort  through a set of pcaps and on some of them there is this message:

Failed to add to hash:
Add service failed to create stateFailed to add to hash:

I am also getting: invalid appid in appStatRecord (545), plus (506) and (1112).

Finally, there is this one too:

client /usr/local/snort/cisco/odp/lua/client_tds.lua: error validating [string ""]:151: attempt to call global 'getShortHostFormat' (a nil value).

Downloaded the snort-openappid.tar.gz tarball earlier today.

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