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The custom detector would need to be in the base folder where the rest of the application detectors have been installed. For example if you have installed the detectors under /usr/local/applications/
All our product detectors would be included in the /usr/local/applications/odp

All the custom detectors would need to be under the
/usr/local/applications/custom/lua folder.

>From the example above, make sure that your application folder in the snort.conf is properly configured to load the detectors from /usr/local/applications/

We have an upcoming blog talking about how to create a custom detector along which should also give  some more information about the overall custom detector creating process.


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How do I get snort to read in a custom app detector? I've placed the lua script in the custom subdirectory. When I start snort the only indication I get that the custom directory is read is this line:

Could not read configuration file /usr/local/snort/appid/custom/userappid.conf

What should go into userappid.conf?


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