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Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

The correct configuration files for gmail are with the use of the the SSL Host patterns.
If you see the openappid/odp/lua/ssl_host_group_belvedere.lua we have the following patterns now.

 { 0, 655, '*.mail.google.com' },

 { 0, 655, 'imap.gmail.com' },

We will put the fix for this in our next release to allow the proper SSL patterns from gmail.com and mail.google.com.


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Subject: [Snort-openappid] Gmail detection


  I have been trying OpenAppId using snort-
  I am quite happy with the result when it comes to detecting non HTTPS sites (ex:cnn.com<http://cnn.com> as per the tutorial).
  However, for an obscure reason, it does not recognise Gmail. It seems that the code used for detecting Gmail sits in openappid/odp/lua/payload_gmail_userid.lua, with the core function being:

function DetectorInit(detectorInstance)
    gDetector = detectorInstance
    if (gDetector.CHPCreateApp and gDetector.CHPAddAction) then
        gDetector:CHPCreateApp(655, 1, 0);
        gDetector:CHPAddAction(655, 1, 1, "mail.google.com<http://mail.google.com>", 0, "");
        gDetector:CHPAddAction(655, 0, 3, "mail", 0, "");
        gDetector:CHPAddAction(655, 0, 3, "?gxlu=", 2, "&");
    return gDetector

  I am curious to understand how the recognition of sites like Gmail works. I am looking for documentation on the function CHPCreateApp or any explanation on how the function DetectorInit works. If someone can help me, that would be great.

Thanks for your help

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