not only accessing to  uninited but even unallocated array ,created in PHClass constructor

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From: Meridoff <>
Date: вт, 20 нояб. 2018 г. в 19:03
Subject: Snort3: bug with "-z" when it only in config
To: <>

Hello, when option -z (total instances) is given only in config (snort["-z"]=true), 
then it equals to 1 (default ?) for some of inspectors/plugins/modules, because they inited between parse_cmd_line and parse_config (where -z lies).

Due to this bug/feature for many instances we have access to uninted array  p->pp_class.init[slot] in function InspectorManager::thread_init (), when slot > 1 but this array for some inspectors (appid ,telnet ,etc) has length 1 (see PHClass costructor).

So we must duplicate "-z" in command line or do not use snort["-z"]=true at all.