[Snort-devel] Feature Request - xor operator

Joshua Kinard kumba at gentoo.org
Mon Mar 4 04:43:23 EST 2019

On 3/1/2019 09:48, Harley H via Snort-devel wrote:
> Hello,
> Would it be possible to add an xor operator to Snort? I'm thinking it
> could be part of a byte_test but of course defer to those who know better.
> I'm encountering multiple malware families using random multi-byte xor
> schemes with their C2 protocol. Having an xor operator would allow the key
> to be extracted from the packet then tested against other bytes looking for
> known plaintext.
> I can put together some pcap and examples if that would be helpful.
> -Harley

I have a patch, somewhere, that I wrote a few years back that added two new
keywords, "xor_decode" and "xor_data".  It was modeled after the
base64_decode/data keywords, and they enable xor decoding with keys up to
unsigned 64bit ints.  One can use a static key supplied w/ xor_decode, or a
dynamic key of a specific length at offset, searching forwards or backwards in
the packet.

Can't do anything for keys beyond eight bytes because I was trying to take
advantage of native CPU register sizes and chomping the packet at four- or
eight-byte intervals.  So the code is really specific to this approach,
versus being smarter and handling arbitrary-sized keys.  That's an area that
could be improved upon.

The patch was last synced against snort-, so it's quite a bit
out of date.  Might be possible to sync it up to newer Snort-2.9.x releases,
but I won't have time to test that out for a few weeks.  If anyone wants to
mess with the copy, let me know and I'll look for where I
stashed it and post to the mailing list.

Joshua Kinard
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