[Snort-devel] Problems with umask on Snort 3

Carter Waxman (cwaxman) cwaxman at cisco.com
Fri Jan 4 11:39:52 EST 2019

*lowercase u and g

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Date: Friday, January 4, 2019 at 11:38 AM
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Subject: Re: [Snort-devel] Problems with umask on Snort 3

Setting umask places limits on newly created files, it doesn’t set the actual permissions. Also, the permissions in umask are inverted, so umask of 0x01FF will actually not allow any permission bits to be set. It sounds like what you actually want is to create a user for your Snort process (for writing, leaving it root isn’t a good idea…), a group for Snort readers, and set the process user / group with -U / -G.


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Date: Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 1:09 PM
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Subject: [Snort-devel] Problems with umask on Snort 3


I am trying to get the umask option (-m) working with snort 3, and i'm not sure what is going wrong.  I'm trying to have Snort generate logs that users and other can read (644), but when I use the -m option with snort, I don't get the results i expect.  I can only seem to affect the read and write owner portion of the permissions. For example:

-m 0x000   leads to -rw-------
-m 0x01FF leads to ----------
-m 0x00FF leads to -r--------

without using the -m flag, the default permissions are -rw-------

The command i'm running is
sudo snort -c /usr/local/etc/snort/snort.lua -r ~/pcaps/maccdc2012_00000.pcap -l /var/log/test -s 65535 -k none -q -m 0x00FF

Version of snort:
noah at snort3:~$ snort -V
   ,,_     -*> Snort++ <*-
  o"  )~   Version 3.0.0 (Build 250) from 2.9.11
   ''''    By Martin Roesch & The Snort Team
           Copyright (C) 2014-2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
           Copyright (C) 1998-2013 Sourcefire, Inc., et al.
           Using DAQ version 2.2.2
           Using LuaJIT version 2.1.0-beta3
           Using OpenSSL 1.1.0g  2 Nov 2017
           Using libpcap version 1.8.1
           Using PCRE version 8.39 2016-06-14
           Using ZLIB version 1.2.11
           Using FlatBuffers 1.10.0
           Using Hyperscan version 5.0.0 2018-12-08
           Using LZMA version 5.2.2

I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong, or if this is a bug.


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