[Snort-devel] Piping the Snort log output to a MySQL database in Windows

Don Hall dhall at rmscollects.com
Thu Dec 27 11:27:11 EST 2018

To the Snort community, a question -

I am in Windows, running Snort 2.9.12 and doing logging.

I want to pipe the output that goes to console (screen) or out to the log output,
And rather than wait to read it back in, via the -r option,
I want to "Pipe" it (use the output of one process as the input of another process)
Out to MySQL (version 8.0.13), or out to a file to use it as an input buffer, filling
At the same time, rather than waiting until later to process it.

I am reading how I can do it via a Python script, but I want to be able to do
The piping in Snort (for Windows).

I also see how I can do it in Snort (Linux version), but we are in a Windows


Don Hall
Snort user, in Windows

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