[Snort-devel] Snort with GRE Tunnel/ERSPAN

Rajput, Jawad (CONTR) Jawad.Rajput at hq.doe.gov
Wed Dec 19 12:02:37 EST 2018

Good Morning, 

I have a question about Snort GRE (Build 56) compatibility with ERSPAN/GRE Tunnel. Snort is not generating any events while fed with ERSPAN. We can see data on the listening interface but Snort is not generating any events. We had the same issue with Bro but we fixed it by editing ini-bare.bro file and changed from encap_hdr_size = 0 line to encap_hdr_size = 44. My question is there a way to ignore first N bytes while inspecting tunnel traffic with Snort? 

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