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Thu Nov 23 16:31:58 EST 2017

binary, or a patch against snort-2.0.0.

You can also get an updated Honeynet Snort-Inline Toolkit from:

This toolkit contains the statically compile snort_inline binary available 
from, README, rc.firewall script, script, drop-rules, and snort_inline.conf.  Everything you 
need to get started!

snort_inline-2.0.0 has the same functionality as snort_inline-1.9.1, but 
it utilizes the new and improved snort-2.0.0.

Changes since last release: 
- Logging to pcap binary files is fixed.  The -b or the log_tcpdump output 
plugin will work.

I've also started a mail list for snort-inline-users.  The purpose of this 
list is to answer any questions regarding building, configuring, and 
operating snort-inline.  Feel free to use it, but have patience with me 
because it is my first time administering a mail list :).  Sign up at:

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