[Snort-devel] Average delay per packet observation

Navdeep Uniyal Navdeep.Uniyal at neclab.eu
Tue Jul 4 10:16:37 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I got some interesting results running snort (inline) for experiment with 80, 40, 20, 10 number of rules:
All rules are matching all the incoming UDP packets. Below are the average delay per packet I found in the 4 experiments:

80 rules:              Average delay:  0.000680666813409 seconds
40 rules:              Average delay:  2.06440535385e-08 seconds
20 rules:              Average delay:  1.6644513569e-08   seconds
10 rules:              Average delay:  1.43723338507e-08 seconds

These results are quite confusing as I expect, on decreasing from 80 to 40 rules the average delay should be approximately halved. But I can't see such behavior here.

What could be the possible reason, if someone could explain.

Best Regards,

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