[Snort-devel] Windows broken on snort.conf

Michael Steele michaels at ...2826...
Wed Oct 26 21:09:23 EDT 2016

Not real sure what changing the message will do. Snort fails (croaks) when
it hits the line.


Is there no way to get this function into a Windows install?


It would be nice to keep as much cross compatibility intact as possible.


For now I'm just having everyone hash out the line.


Kindest regards,



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We at least should fix the error message.  "Invalid keyword '}' for server
configuration" should be more like "unsupported decompression: 'lzma'".

On 10/26/16 8:54 AM, Seshaiah Erugu (serugu) wrote:

Hi Michale,


Geoffrey Serrao responded to your query. Please find the attachment.



Seshaiah Erugu.


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Subject: [Snort-devel] Windows broken on snort.conf


I've asked about this before and have yet to get any response from the
Development team.


The below line in the snort.conf breaks Windows because there is a missing
library to decompress.


decompress_swf { deflate lzma } \


What do we need to do as Windows users so we don't lose this function?


Is there going to be a fix available soon, and are you looking into it?


Kindest regards,


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