[Snort-devel] preprocessor http_inspect_server: - Faulting in Windows

Michael Steele michaels at ...2826...
Fri Oct 21 10:56:11 EDT 2016

After doing some research it appears that the two lines below were added
more than a year ago to the snort.conf, and for whatever reason they were
not added to the snort.conf in the Windows installation file, or the
Registered Users Rules tarball, until recently. 


Line 325:   decompress_swf { deflate lzma } \

Line 326:   decompress_pdf { deflate }


The problem is below when Snort runs on Windows, or for anyone that has not
loaded the lzma-dev or lzma-devel package:


      Gzip Compress Depth: 65535

      Gzip Decompress Depth: 65535

ERROR: d:\winids\snort\etc\snort.conf(326) => Invalid keyword '}' for server

Fatal Error, Quitting..



Is there something that can be done to fix the problem, other than hashing
those line out, maybe a dynamic linked library ?



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