[Snort-devel] Missing members in struct _daq_modflow when compiling snort3

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Sat Oct 15 17:04:34 EDT 2016


I'm using the latest snort3 from github
(cfe19a5e139e1f227a7181fc2bcae7ad97cb8a77) and I'm trying to compile it
against DAQ 2.0.6 (from snort.org).

I don't have DAQ installed in the traditional directory structure set up,
so here is my ./configure line and PATH.

./configure --prefix=`pwd` --with-daq-includes=../daq-2.0.6/include

During compilation, I run into some errors about missing members in various

_daq_modflow: missing type, length, and value (sfdaq.cc:535)

_DAQ_DP_key_t: missing src_af and dst_af (sfdaq.cc:549)

Also missing an entire type: DAQ_Data_Channel_Params_t.

The command line to clang seems to be including the correct directories to
pull in the headers from DAQ (seen via make install V=1)

I'm wondering if I'm compiling against the wrong version of DAQ and if I
should be grabbing it from somewhere else.

Thanks in advance,
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