[Snort-devel] Which parameters to pass in addPreproc func?

Ed Borgoyn (eborgoyn) eborgoyn at ...3461...
Thu May 19 10:43:10 EDT 2016

Have you tried registering the preproc with PROTO_BIT__ALL instead of just
UDP and/or TCP?

On 5/19/16, 8:11 AM, "Jan Hermes" <jan.hermes at ...3632...> wrote:

>I would like to let my dynamic preprocessor being called on every single
>package that runs through the network. Which parameters do I have to
>pass to the registration function?
>I tried a lot of combinations with values from the preprocids.h file.
>But the best I could get was the preconfigured situation from the
>example preprocessor, which gets called on every package with tcp or udp.
>But it is missing all those packages with an unknown ethertype.
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