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Hi Rohan,

Can you try with the packet direction flag ? Please print REQUEST if packet direction is from CLIENT.

Seshaiah Erugu.

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Thanks Seshaiah, i have added code(Simple if condition) in ProcessDns to track DNS query.

p = (SFSnortPacket*) packetPtr;

   if(p->src_port==53) printf("DNS Response\n");
   if(p->dst_port==53) printf("DNS Request\n");

After adding , i do make,make install and then use nslookup to issue a DNS query.

However, i never see "DNS Request" printed on console.

So how will we track the DNS requests,because i think snort is handling packet sniffing/capture part(user needn't look for it).

Please correct me if i am going wrong.

On Fri, May 6, 2016 at 11:16 AM, Seshaiah Erugu (serugu) <serugu at ...3461...<mailto:serugu at ...3461...>> wrote:
Hi Rohan,

As you said, currently DNS preprocessor inspecting/tracking responses from DNS server.
If you want to track DNS queries from client to server, you can add code in spp_dns.c (PrcoessDNS function).

Seshaiah Erugu.

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Subject: [Snort-devel] snort dns Preprocessor

Hell0 all,

I was browsing through the code of DNS Dynamic preprocessor(spp_dns.c) of Snort 2.9.1.


To count the number of DNS Queries that are made by my machine to DNS server(may be local/Remote doesn't matter).


Right now, DNS Dynamic preprocessor is able to track responses that are coming from DNS server to my machine,however it is not able to track/see the DNS queries that my machine makes.

I know that DNS Preprocessor is meant for analysing the responses of Remote server,But i added some code(Some if conditions,print statements) to track DNS queries.

Anyone ,having ideas what could be the problem or is this the right approach(modifying code in spp_dns.c) ?


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