[Snort-devel] snort dns Preprocessor

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Fri May 6 00:45:02 EDT 2016

Hell0 all,

I was browsing through the code of *DNS Dynamic preprocessor*(*spp_dns.c*)
of Snort 2.9.1.


To count the number of DNS Queries that are made by my machine to DNS
server(may be local/Remote doesn't matter).


Right now, DNS Dynamic preprocessor is able to track responses that are
coming from DNS server to my machine,*however it is not able to track/see
the DNS queries that my machine makes*.

I know that DNS Preprocessor is meant for analysing the responses of Remote
server,But i added some code(Some if conditions,print statements) to track
DNS queries.

Anyone ,having ideas what could be the problem or is this the right
approach(modifying code in spp_dns.c) ?

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