[Snort-devel] SnortEventqAddBypass ?

Pierre dnanar at ...2499...
Fri Jun 24 04:15:46 EDT 2016


I was reading the Changelog from Snort to Snort and I saw
some undocumented changes in the ChangeLog, mostly in event_queue.c/.h and

In Snort, the function SnortEventqAddBypass is added and some
refactoring code seems to happens in SnortEventqAdd. Then in Snort
the changed are undone (?).

Does anyone know why this has happened please? Was there some bug corrected
? Or bypassing the tests was judged useless and removed in Snort
(as SnortEventqAddBypass is only called once in stream6 I don't really the
point of bypassing the test and it doesn't seems to have a noticeable gain
in performance?)

Thanks for your help,
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