[Snort-devel] snort does optimzation off in configure.in, its giving errorr while compiling

Nilesh Varmora nileshvarmora at ...3661...
Thu Jun 23 06:39:18 EDT 2016

Recently I have downloaded new snort version
found  NO_OPTIMIZE="yes" change which was "no" in
I ma getting becasue of this change while compilling snort with below swtiches.--disable-ppm  --disable-perfprofiling --disable-ppm-test.

Error in per_indicator.cstatic void getTicksPerMicrosec(void)
    if (ticks_per_microsec == 0.0)
        ticks_per_microsec = get_ticks_per_usec();
here get_ticks_per_usec function defiction covered in perf macro wich is disabled. this block must be covered in PI_PACKET_LATENCY_SUPPORT macro check.
Also please suggest optimization should be enabled or disabled and what are the advantages of that.
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