[Snort-devel] Hyperscan pattern matcher integration for Snort

Vladimir Kunschikov kunschikov at ...2499...
Fri Jun 10 04:54:03 EDT 2016

Very nice patch. I applied it to snort- without any problems. The
throughput of the Snort improved for sure.
 Is there a way to speed up loading of the ruleset with 'search-method
hyperscan' option enabled?
 My set of the rules is quite a big one - over 20 thousands of rules. Can
hyperscan objects be serialized at first run and then loaded at subsequent
runs of the Snort? Is it hard to implement such serialization by usage of
the Hyperscan library API?

On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 3:57 AM, Viiret, Justin <justin.viiret at ...3635...>

> Hi all,
> Hyperscan is a high-performance regular expression matching library from
> Intel, released as open source software under a 3-clause BSD license.
> Although there is already some use of Hyperscan in Snort++, we at Intel
> have also received requests for a Hyperscan integration into Snort 2.9.x.
> Accordingly, we have put together a patch against Snort which adds
> support for using the Hyperscan library to accelerate some of the pattern
> matching tasks in Snort. This integrates Hyperscan library usage into three
> places:
> 1. A new multi-pattern literal matcher (MPSE module) called "hyperscan".
> 2. A faster single-pattern content string matcher, replacing the
> Boyer-Moore approach used by default.
> 3. A prefilter for PCRE, where Hyperscan is used as a prefilter check for
> regex options before PCRE is run. Expressions that are expensive to
> evaluate in PCRE may be avoided entirely depending on the result of the
> prefilter.
> You can find the patch here, including a README with instructions for its
> use:
>     https://01.org/hyperscan/downloads/hyperscan-integration-snort-
> You can find more information about the Hyperscan library here:
> Website: https://01.org/hyperscan
> Github: https://github.com/01org/hyperscan
> Please get in touch if you have any feedback on the patch!
> Best regards,
>     Justin
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