[Snort-devel] DAQ dump: load-mode passive on dummy interface vs read-file

Mike Cox mike.cox52 at ...2499...
Thu Feb 25 08:18:11 EST 2016

When I run a pcap thru snort using the dump DAQ and
'--load-mode=read-file', everything works great.

snort -Q --daq dump --daq-dir /usr/lib/daq/ --daq-var --load-mode=read-file
--pcap-list="my.pcap" -k none ...

But when I try to have Snort listen on a dummy interface (that is set to
promiscuous mode) and then use tcpreplay to send traffic to that interface,
Stream6 has all kinds of issues:

snort -Q --daq dump --daq-dir /usr/lib/daq/ --daq-var --load-mode=passive
-i dummy0 -k none ...

(The rest of this email discusses the dummy0/tcpreplay scenario and I'm
replaying at a low(ish) rate and confirming no packet drops in Snort nor on
the interface.)

When the pcap replay is done, Snort is left in a state with a lot of
unflushed data.  Looking at the stats when Snort exits, there are a lot of
TCP discards.  Turning on some debugging messages shows a number of these

Pkt ack is out of bounds, bailing!
bad sequence number, bailing
bad timestamp, bailing

I also see some of these (example):

packet PAWS timestamp way too far ahead oflast packet 1456349637 0...

Note the '0' at the end which is the value of talker->ts_last_pkt
(timestamp of last packet seen -- not the TCP Options timestamp but epoch
of when Snort saw the packet).

I also see a lot of "one offs" like this:

out of order segment (tdb->seq: 0xC3F899C l->r_nxt_ack: 0xC3F899D!

So my questions is, what is different with having Snort listen on the dummy
interface vs reading the pcap file?  Every time I run the same pcap with
tcpreplay, I don't get the same issues from the same segments and different
segments end up being queued and not flushed.  I'm also unable to reduce
the issue to a single stream or a small pcap (if I carve out a single
stream or portion that was exhibiting issues in the larger pcap and run it,
it does fine). This looks to be Stream6 thing and turning on/off PAF,
normalize, running in inline-test mode, etc. produces the same results.
For some reason the segments aren't being processed properly resulting in
TCP discards and ultimately unflushed data.

This may not be a Snort thing but something strange about the dummy
interface and/or the dump DAQ but I thought I'd ask here in case anyone had
any insight or dealt with this before.

I'm testing on Snort and DAQ 2.0.5 on CentOS 7 64-bit.


-Mike Cox
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