[Snort-devel] Compiling and Running Snort on MAC OSX 10.11.3 (El Capitan)

Madhu Rao k.madhurao.123 at ...2499...
Fri Feb 12 17:04:53 EST 2016

Hi Folks

Has anyone had Luck downloading and compiling snort and get it
working on Latest MAC OS X El Capitan ?
I have a macbook pro running El Capitan. (OSX 10.11.3)

I See the following Errors when I run Snort.

$ sudo snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf --daq pcap --daq-mode passive -i eth0
-k none

pcap DAQ configured to passive.

Acquiring network traffic from "eth0".

Reload thread starting...

Reload thread started, thread 0x700000081000 (41553)

ERROR: Can't start DAQ (-1) - BIOCSETIF failed: Device not configured!

Fatal Error, Quitting..

BTW - when I configured DAQ, this was the outcome.

$cd daq-2.0.6

./configure --disable-afpacket-module


Build AFPacket DAQ module.. : no
Build Dump DAQ module...... : yes
Build IPFW DAQ module...... : yes
Build IPQ DAQ module....... : no
Build NFQ DAQ module....... : no
Build PCAP DAQ module...... : yes
Build netmap DAQ module.... : no

Any pointers appreciated.

-- madhu
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