[Snort-devel] Resetting Snort without reloading everything

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Tue Mar 31 09:09:59 EDT 2015

You can combine ScPcapReset() with SetRotatePerfFileFlag(void) in snort.c


On 03/31/2015 08:33 AM, Mike Cox wrote:
> I'm wanting to run a large number of independent pcaps thru Snort and 
> would like to be able to "reset" Snort after each run so that, 
> particularly, I can move off the alert files after each run and link 
> them with the pcap.  Currently I do separate Snort runs for each pcap 
> but this adds unnecessary overhead and time since the rules, configs, 
> preprocs, etc. have to get loaded for each run.  I do this because 
> Snort maintains an open file handle(s) to the alert file(s) and 
> doesn't always immediately flush alerts to disk so I send a kill 
> signal to Snort and wait until the file handles are released before 
> processing the alert file(s).
> Is there an easy way to reset Snort without having to restart it and 
> reload all the rules, etc.? Or is there a way to have the engine flush 
> everything to detection and flush alerts to disk that I could invoke 
> after I know the pcap has all been sent to Snort?
> There appears to be some solutions that are close to what I want but 
> not quite -- I know you can send a signal (default SIGUSR2) to Snort 
> to rotate stats and in pcap run mode you can tell Snort to reset after 
> each pcap but it still logs everything to the same alert file(s).
> I don't see an inherent way to have Snort do what I want so my next 
> thought is to modify the code to do this.  Could someone point me in 
> the right direction? It seems that this functionality is already there 
> in the code for the most part (indicated by the fact that you can have 
> Snort reset between pcaps in pcap run mode) I just need to be able to 
> call it (e.g. listen for a signal) and make sure that when I reset 
> Snort I am in fact "doing it right" and not missing anything. I'm 
> hoping that some assistance regarding the latter will save me some 
> time going thru the code. At this point I'm mostly concerned about 
> alerts and not so much about engine/perf stats so forcing flushing to 
> detection and flushing to disk (and appropriately dealing with the 
> file handle(s)) is my main concern.  Any help is appreciated.
> Thank you.
> -Mike Cox
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