[Snort-devel] Possible memory leak in service_ssl.c for snort-2.9.7.x and Snort++?

Costas Kleopa (ckleopa) ckleopa at ...3461...
Fri Mar 20 08:17:22 EDT 2015

I had engineering looking into this and they verified that there's no memory leak there.
Your fix would actually cause double free's.  That ss variable is coming from way above in that code.

When it's created, it's attached to the session with the call to ssl_service_mod.api->data_add(...).  It's typically just deleted when the session is closed out and freed up.


On Mar 19, 2015, at 5:47 PM, Bill Parker <wp02855 at ...2499...<mailto:wp02855 at ...2499...>> wrote:

Hello All,

    In reviewing code in '/src/dynamic-preprocessors/appid/service_plugins'
file 'service_ssl.c', I found a call to malloc() while checked for a return
value of NULL, a return SERVICE_ENOMEM; executed immediately upon failure,
but variable 'ss' was previously assigned memory by a call to calloc() at
line 629 in function 'MakeRNAServiceValidationPrototype', should it not
be released prior to the return SERVICE_ENOMEM;?  The patch file below
corrects this issue:

--- service_ssl.c.orig  2015-03-19 10:09:57.358608756 -0700
+++ service_ssl.c       2015-03-19 10:16:01.295863310 -0700
@@ -762,8 +762,10 @@
                         certs_rec = (ServiceSSLV3CertsRecord *)data;
                         ss->certs_len = ntoh3(certs_rec->certs_len);
                         ss->certs_data = malloc(ss->certs_len);
-                        if (!ss->certs_data)
+                        if (!ss->certs_data) {
+                            free(ss);
                             return SERVICE_ENOMEM;
+                       }
                         if ((size - sizeof(ServiceSSLV3CertsRecord)) < ss->certs_len)
                             /* Will have to get more next time around. */

I am attaching the patch file to this possible bug report.

Bill Parker (wp02855 at gmail dot com)
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