[Snort-devel] Suggestion on Shared Objects/Engines/etc

Bill Parker wp02855 at ...2499...
Mon Mar 16 13:48:36 EDT 2015

Hi All,

  Joel Esler suggested I send this request into the develop's list.  In
Snort 2.9.7.x or DAQ-2.x, I'll see messages in the make where shared
objects are
deposited (i.e. - /usr/local/lib/blah), and I'd like to see a big banner at
END of the make (assuming success) which shows:

* Shared Objects are in /blah              *
* Preprocessor Shared Objects are in /blah *
* Preprocessor Engines are in /blah        *
* Snort binary is in /blah                 *
* and so on                                *

That way, users know exactly where files and
objects needed to test snort at the command
line or in actual use are quickly located.

What does everyone think?

Bill Parker (wp02855 at gmail dot com)
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