[Snort-devel] PoC Software for Magnetic Stripe Processing of Credit/Debit Cards for Snort SDF

Bill Parker wp02855 at ...2499...
Sat Jun 20 16:03:58 EDT 2015

Hello All,

   This is a very rough output for processing of Credit/Debit Card
Magnetic Stripe data (this is Track 1, Format B), and while it is
still a work in progress, it does take the data supplied and breaks
it down into the following fields:

Account Number (max of 19 characters):
Card Holder Name (max of 26 characters):
Expiration Date (in MMYY format):
Service Code (3 chars):
Discretionary data (1 to 4 chars)
The Longitudinal redundancy check value (3 chars)

Here is the output from the program below:

Enter Line for Mag Stripe Testing:


The Line Entered was:


Length of Buffer entered is: 65

Buffer after conversion is:



Starting sentinel is '%'
Ending sentinel is '?'
Format Code is 'B'

The Account Number is: 1234567890123456789


Card Holder Expiration Date is: 1117

Card Holder Service Code is: 127

Card Holder Discretionary data is: 0874

The Longitudinal redundancy check value is: LRC

Process returned 0 (0x0)   execution time : 4.500 s
Press any key to continue.

This is also filed at the following URL:


The source code is a(n) attachment.

It will be modified to check track 2, and also add
checking for valid service codes, etc.  This is still
a work in progress.

Bill Parker (wp02855 at gmail dot com)
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