[Snort-devel] Add Link-Local Address Network Assignment Block (IPv4) to ipv4.h in Snort 3

Bill Parker wp02855 at ...2499...
Fri Jul 10 12:31:14 EDT 2015

Hello All,

   In reviewing source code for Snort 3/Snort++, I found in directory
'src/protocols', file 'ipv4.h', that the private Microsoft Network
block (which is assigned if MS DHCP fails for some
reason) is not included in the private IPv4 network listing.

In RFC 3927, the Internet Engineering Task Force has reserved the
address block through] or
for link-local addressing in Internet Protocol Version 4.

Link-local addresses are assigned to interfaces by host-internal,
i.e. stateless, address autoconfiguration when other means of
address assignment are not available.

Additionally, the code does not check properly for the RFC 1918
Class B space of, but only, which
would exclude the address space of 172.17-31.0.0 being included
as private address space.

The patch file below addresses this issue:

--- ipv4.h.orig 2015-07-09 19:17:10.000000000 -0700
+++ ipv4.h      2015-07-09 19:35:11.000000000 -0700
@@ -169,6 +169,9 @@
         case 0x0a:
             return true;
+        case 0xa9:
+            if ((addr & 0xff00) == 0xfe00)
+               return true;
         case 0xac:
             if ((addr & 0xf000) == 0x1000)
                 return true;

I am attaching the patch file to this bug report...

Bill Parker (wp02855 at gmail dot com)
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