[Snort-devel] Looking for collaboration

Big Whale d0lph1n98 at ...398...
Thu Jul 2 09:34:56 EDT 2015

Actually Russ, my target is not for POC only. Perhaps, we can really implement the preprocessor in the public and make it as one of the open source project.

     On Thursday, July 2, 2015 8:27 PM, Russ <rucombs at ...3461...> wrote:

  If you are doing this as a PoC, have you considered working with Snort++?  One of the fundamental goals is to make it easier to this type of thing.
 On 7/2/15 8:01 AM, Big Whale wrote:
 Hello all, 
  I am building a Snort preprocessor, designed to parse ModSecurity CRS and with inline enabled, the packet can be dropped without even reaching to the 7th layer. However, i am facing some difficulties in porting the ModSecurity engine into my preprocessor and some bug in my parser. So if any of you guys  is interested, you can contribute to this github repository: d0lph1n98/Snort-ModSec-CRS-Parser.
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|   d0lph1n98/Snort-ModSec-CRS-Parser Snort-ModSec-CRS-Parser - Snort Dynamic Preprocessor to parse ModSecurity CRS    |
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