[Snort-devel] [SUSPICIOUS] Report malicious viruses site

Simon Wesseldine simon.wesseldine at ...3589...
Wed Jul 1 08:49:46 EDT 2015

HI Liu,

I was reading your post with interest and sympathise with your situation. I
do hope you sort out the problem as possible and I am sure the community
will help you with that.

I wanted to add a small comment, in defence of the fantastic IDS/IPS that
Snort is. The application is only as good as it's signature set and
configuration loaded at the time.

Were you running an up to date set of rules, from which source and were they
tuned to your environment? Keeping on top of those tasks is tough, but
nevertheless  these points are very important.

I hope you find some resolve on this forum, good luck.


Best regards,



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