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Mon Jan 26 08:50:16 EST 2015

I have allready looked at that option and i have configured it for 0 - unlimited... Snort.log says that i decoded same amount of bytes as the attached file is...

So i do not think that is the problem but sounds like some kind of buffer issue... Maybe a buffer that keeps track of some pointer... So if distance is to far it do not work... Please help me out here....

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> On 26/01/2015, at 14.31, Al Lewis (allewi) <allewi at ...3461...> wrote:
> Base64 depth can be set under each preprocessor. In general "-1" disables it ,0 sets it to unlimited. Anything between 1-65535 sets it to a specific depth. See the manual for an example here:
> http://manual.snort.org/node17.html
> From the manual on the smtp preprocessor section:
> b64_decode_depth 
> This config option is used to turn off/on or set the base64 decoding depth used to decode the base64 encoded MIME attachments. The value ranges from -1 to 65535. A value of -1 turns off the base64 decoding of MIME attachments. The value of 0 sets the decoding of base64 encoded MIME attachments to unlimited. A value other than 0 or -1 restricts the decoding of base64 MIME attachments, and applies per attachment. A SMTP preprocessor alert with sid 10 is generated (if enabled) when the decoding fails.
> Hope this helps.
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>> my problem is that if i want to match on multiple content within the
>> base64 decoded data ( done by preprocessor, file_data) its like there 
>> is a limit for maximum distance between the contents.
>> 2 content with 10024 bytes between and that is not working but 2 
>> content with 2016 between is working Is there a limit? can i read 
>> about it? is it configurable?
> /Ronnie
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