[Snort-devel] Any chance the Snort/Daq RPMs can be cleaned up?

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Thu Dec 3 01:41:18 EST 2015


   Thanks for the patch. We will add it to the list soon.  
Somehow we miss your previous mail, sorry for that.

Best Regards,

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> The RPMs provided by Snort.org have a *lot* of rpmlint issues, many of 
> them are full-on 'Error' severity level.

I think that the rpm also has some problems when used in some production setups.
I've submitted patches in the past, but nobody ever commented on them.
FYI, the snort user is not created as a system user, the init script can't start snort in nfqueue setup and alert log file is not rotated by default.
Patches I asked to review are here:


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