[Snort-devel] warnings from 'ar' (archiver) while building Snort-2.9.7.x

Bill Parker wp02855 at ...2499...
Mon Aug 24 13:00:25 EDT 2015

Hello All,

    Here is a warning which I found in the 'make' process of

ar: `u' modifier ignored since `D' is the default (see `U')

According to the 'man ar' page:

D   Operate in deterministic mode.  When adding files and the archive
    index use zero for UIDs, GIDs, timestamps, and use consistent file
    modes for all files.  When this option is used, if ar is used with
    identical options and identical input files, multiple runs will
    create identical output files regardless of the input files'
    owners, groups, file modes, or modification times.

    If binutils was configured with --enable-deterministic-archives,
    then this mode is on by default.  It can be disabled with the U
    modifier, below.

u   Normally, ar r... inserts all files listed into the archive.  If
    you would like to insert only those of the files you list that are
    newer than existing members of the same names, use this modifier.
    The u modifier is allowed only for the operation r (replace).  In
    particular, the combination qu is not allowed, since checking the
    timestamps would lose any speed advantage from the operation q.

U   Do not operate in deterministic mode.  This is the inverse of the D
    modifier, above: added files and the archive index will get their
    actual UID, GID, timestamp, and file mode values.

    This is the default unless binutils was configured with

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