[Snort-devel] Possible to configure snort for an alternative to /etc for default conf. files?

Rich Burridge rich.burridge at ...3515...
Thu Sep 25 17:20:08 EDT 2014


Is it possible to build snort from source (a configure option that I'm 
perhaps), so that it looks for its various default configuration files (like
snort.conf) under (say) /etc/snort instead of directly under /etc ?

I did notice:

--sysconfdir=DIR        read-only single-machine data [PREFIX/etc]

when I did "configure --help", but I'm not sure that's the solution. 
 From a quick
glance at the snort source code, looking directly under "/etc/" seems to 
be baked in.

I do know about the "-c" runtime option to allow a different conf file, 
but I'm the guy
that creates the snort package for Solaris. I've been asked to consider 
that the default
install for snort config files should be /etc/snort/... rather that 
/etc, so as not to
"pollute" /etc.

I'm just trying to determine if it's (easily) possible to do.


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