[Snort-devel] Unix Socket problem to compile C code provided in README.UNSOCK file

Giancarlo Capone giancarlo.capone at ...398...
Tue Nov 4 09:08:11 EST 2014

Good morning to all of you,
I’m an Italian student, and I’ve successfully installed snort as NIDS on an OpenSuse Virtual Machine. 

Now I’m trying to make snort printing alerts on unix-socket. 

I’ve read the C code provided in the README.UNSOCK file, but when I try to compile it, there is a problem because, obviously, the compiler doesn’t find the snort.h file. 
I tried to compile it with gcc including all the necessary path thanks to the -I option and -L options but i got many errors. 
Please, can you suggest me how I can compile the c code in the right way?

Thank you very much,

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