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Hi Nanda,

I'm not clear on the problem you are experiencing but it sounds like you want to sniff packets that are not going to your Snort interface.  It could be that you need to configure additional interfaces or perhaps add a tap in your network to get the packets of interest.

In any case, please redirect your question to the snort-users list.  There are many users who have gone through these same issues and they are better able to help you.  More information about the problem will get you a more timely answer too.

Thanks and good luck.

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I am a new user of snort. I installed it on ubuntu and running it for packet capturing on wlan0 interface. My problem is that am unable to packet information of other devices on the  network. I was just getting information of ip address that is assigned to the device on which snort was running.

I tried configuring HOME_NET variable but of no use. please kindly help me.

Thanks in advance
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