[Snort-devel] Copyright assignment on new source files in a patch?

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Sun Mar 9 17:36:51 EDT 2014

On Mar 9, 2014, at 5:24 PM, Joshua Kinard <kumba at ...2185...<mailto:kumba at ...1066....2185...>> wrote:

So if I wanted to send in a patch that creates a new source file in Snort,
what's the proper copyright assignment?  Dual-copyright to 2014
Cisco/SourceFire/affiliates and myself (w/ year), or assign full copyright
to Cisco/SourceFire/affiliates, insert an "Author" line or other such
acknowledgement for myself, or just go full anonymity and an entry in the

Can't find a good reference for this, neither in the Snort manual nor via
Google, save a very similar question asked back in 2003 on this topic.

I’ve been having some recent conversations about this with legal now that we are Cisco.  Let’s take it off list and work it out between us and legal maybe on a conference call or something, then when we document the procedure, we’ll filter that back to the list/website.

It’s slightly different now that we are Cisco than it was at Sourcefire.  About the same amount of work (simple actually), but we just need to get the verbiage correct is all.

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