[Snort-devel] Copyright assignment on new source files in a patch?

Joshua Kinard kumba at ...2185...
Sun Mar 9 17:24:58 EDT 2014

So if I wanted to send in a patch that creates a new source file in Snort,
what's the proper copyright assignment?  Dual-copyright to 2014
Cisco/SourceFire/affiliates and myself (w/ year), or assign full copyright
to Cisco/SourceFire/affiliates, insert an "Author" line or other such
acknowledgement for myself, or just go full anonymity and an entry in the

Can't find a good reference for this, neither in the Snort manual nor via
Google, save a very similar question asked back in 2003 on this topic.

Joshua Kinard
kumba at ...2185...
4096R/D25D95E3 2011-03-28

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