[Snort-devel] How to Determine time tick value

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Fri Jun 27 05:25:44 EDT 2014

I have already posted this query but no one responded so starting a new

I m running snort in linux backtrack , i installed latest version of snort
and i m trying to make a dynamic preprocessor by modifying sample dpx.c
file of dpx ( example preprocessor)

I am trying to count unique source ips arriving pr second and I also want
to do this with more gap of intervals , i mean i want to count unique
source ips for every fourth second. But the time tick value cant be
determined, here is what m doing:

*sec = time(NULL);    t= sec-sec_ref;*

*  if(t == 1)    {*

*---- Do whats needed----*

* }*

*if(t == 4)*

* {*

*---- Do whats needed----*

* }*
But the value of "t" does not seem to increment after 1 or 2 at max.

*In Short I basically need to identify the current tick value regardless of
   it is being seconds or milliseconds. *
*Also , kindly let me know the format specifier for the value of time "t"
   to be printed at various intervals *

Please help

Kind Regards
 *Amtul Saboor*

*MS (Information Security)*

*Military College of Signals, National University of Science & Technology,

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