[Snort-devel] Crash while running snort-3.0.0-a1 with netmap

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Sat Dec 13 07:04:34 EST 2014

Ouch.  Do you have the same problem running with --daq pcap?

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Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2014 4:13 AM
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Subject: [Snort-devel] Crash while running snort-3.0.0-a1 with netmap


While running snort with netmap support, snort crashes and process hangs with a kill -9 to stop process:

sudo /usr/local/snort/bin/snort -c /usr/local/snort/etc/snort.lua -i eth0 --daq netmap --daq-dir=/usr/local/lib/daq --shell

crash log:

ProblemType: KernelOops
Annotation: Your system might become unstable now and might need to be restarted.
Date: Fri Dec 12 20:12:01 2014
Failure: oops
 BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at           (null)
 IP: [<          (null)>]           (null)
 PGD 3d1c9067 PUD 81d7f067 PMD 0
 Oops: 0010 [#1] SMP
 Modules linked in: pf_ring(OX) netmap(OX) vmw_vsock_vmci_transport vsock snd_ens1371 snd_ac97_codec bnep rfcomm ac97_bus gameport bluetooth snd_pcm snd_page_alloc snd_seq_midi coretemp crct10dif_pclmul snd_seq_midi_event crc32_pclmul ghash_clmulni_intel snd_rawmidi snd_seq aesni_intel hid_generic aes_x86_64 lrw gf128mul glue_helper vmw_balloon snd_seq_device ablk_helper snd_timer cryptd serio_raw usbhid snd hid vmwgfx soundcore ttm drm vmw_vmci i2c_piix4 shpchp mac_hid parport_pc ppdev lp parport psmouse mptspi mptscsih ahci e1000 mptbase libahci vmw_pvscsi floppy vmxnet3 [last unloaded: netmap]
 CPU: 1 PID: 86519 Comm: snort Tainted: G           OX 3.13.0-43-generic #72-Ubuntu

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