[Snort-devel] Need help to know which files to be changed in Dynamic preprocessor starter kit

Amtul Saboor saboor.amtul at ...2499...
Fri Nov 22 03:18:44 EST 2013


I am student of information security. But please note that this is not my
assignment, and I am myself searching on customizing snort and work on it.

I have downloaded the DPX (sample dynamic preprocessor) from the following
official link:


*And I am successfully running it. This preprocessor tells if source and
destination ports match, it tells it against a pcap file already stored.
The main code is written in dpx.c file, while the other files are not
making much sense to me.*

*Please help me to know which of the following files need to get changed if
i want to make my own preprocessor to find average number of pings per
second (just an example) or anything else.*

I have these files in the preprocessor "src" file:

1) dpx.c,
2) libdpx.la
3) makefile
4) makefile.am
5) makefile.in
6) sf_dynamic_preproc_lib.c
7) sfPolicyUserData.c
8) sf_preproc_info.h
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