[Snort-devel] Writing a dynamic rules

donfack zeufack hermann donfack.hermann at ...2499...
Sun Nov 10 00:51:30 EST 2013


First of all sorry for my english, and if my question is trivial and i'm 
new in SNORT development and i just try my best to understand it.

I need to write a dynamic rule plugin for the SIP packet, I have also 
read all code of SIP dynamic preprocessor and understand how it work.

But I have a problem, How can I use the preprocessorOption define in the 
sf_snort_plugin_api  to use SIP Rule Option defined by the SIP dynamic 
preprocessor ?
is it even possible ?

If it is not possible, can you give me a little example how to use the 
preprocessorOption ?

Thanks in advance your help.

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